Emerging Market Entrepreneur of the Year – D’Marketmovers
6th April 2017

Market Movers Ltd was co-founded by David Thomas and Rachel Renie almost seven years ago. While working in the banking sector they recognized their co-workers were too busy to seek out fresh products daily, so they began taking orders at their office for fresh fish from Las Cuevas, David’s home town and fresh seasonings farmed by Rachel’s brother at their greenhouse in Piarco, the rest you can say is history. Their passion for food and cooking with fresh ingredients, coupled with a newfound need from potential customers at their office, created the most organic partnership…Market Movers.

The combination of health and convenience is what became the core values of their company. With this they quickly recognized that sourcing the freshest ingredients was one part of the puzzle, they would need to create an online platform that anyone can access anytime, anywhere. Opening a traditional brick and mortar business just didn’t seem to fit; aside from being vastly expensive it still limited their customers to commuting to this fixed location. 
From the onset of this business they understood that it would be a challenge given the limited number of online businesses within Trinidad & Tobago as well as the complete non-existence of online agri-businesses at the time of inception. They wanted to be a force for change and understood the key strengths of having a partnership on their road to entrepreneurial success.

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Having a partnership lent to a sort of balance that allowed them to spend less time convincing friends and family, who were not angry but rather unenthused with the idea of chasing entrepreneurial dreams. Calling oneself an entrepreneur seven years ago was almost taboo and often perceived as you were unemployed and living off your parents. Despite these obstacles, David and Rachel knew they had to prove their concept and bring health and convenience to the masses.
This partnership gave them a real sense of validation, acting at times like a compass at sea when all seemed lost. Having the insight of two persons, specifically male and female also helped balance this force even further; for example David is the free spirit, with an imaginative persona while Rachel is more technical and diligent, which helped them compliment each other as a left and right brain would. It helped them strike a balance to navigate the core values of Market Movers and to date, positively impact the lives of over 700 online retail users, over 1,000 corporate staff and wholesale customers throughout the country.
Their passion for food and background in agriculture helped foster this belief; their complete inexperience in ICT applications however was a hurdle they had to overcome. Self taught by countless webinars and chat groups, they designed their first website in 2009 on their own. 
Within a business ecosystem that leaned to traditional shopping, they saw a gap and decided to not just fill it haphazardly but rather devise a strategy, that when presented would be warranted of such a bold move as taking the market shopping experience online. 
Both founders are very independent thinkers simply by pioneering the first online delivery service of fresh produce in Trinidad & Tobago. Adversity for them presented itself in other ways also, such as funding. Each financial institution had the same rhetoric; ‘Trinidadians would never buy food on the internet’. In fact one financial institute (who shall not be named) laughed and asked if they wouldn’t rather take a loan for a vacation as that would be less of a risk than funding an online food store. 
This type of rejection, swept them into a realm of separating needs and wants. David and Rachel turned a ‘No Way’ response to a needs and wants list. They listed all the state of the art things that would take their business to immediate success and found innovative means to secure temporary solutions to start their business despite the lack of funding. Resourcefulness was one asset they did walk away with and it is something that has helped navigate them to this day. Seeking out fresh produce, planting some of their own, designing their own website, attending closing down sales to purchase cheaper equipment were all ways they became resourceful and grew their business.

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