Entrepreneur Article - Right Away Couriers
6th April 2017

Right Away Couriers, founded by Sean McPhee, is a courier service specializing in providing speedy delivery around the clock, with a commitment to accuracy and reliability. McPhee stood before the panel of investors, made his pitch but did not gain an investment. While the panel was not able to see any significant, immediate return in investing in a fleet for his company at this premature stage, they did believe in his professionalism and ability to generate revenues, given his long list of professional clientele. They recommended that he continue to grow the business organically to see how far he could reach on his own, before the need for a strong capital investment. 

Since then, McPhee has met with the Planting Seeds team to conduct some strategic planning for his business. The Planting Seeds Team highlighted a need for the website, not just to improve his customer service, but mainly to help McPhee schedule his drivers. The constant “Whatsapp” messages and manual delivery system was stunting the growth of his company and it was time for a formalized system to schedule deliveries internally. 
It was decided that they would work alongside McPhee to assist him with raising TT$60,000 in financing to build McPhee an interactive website and mobile app that will allow him to: 
-          Navigate faster routes; 
-          Schedule and coordinate drivers; 
-          Allow customers to place online orders and track packages easily. 
However, before the team agreed to work with McPhee on this exciting project, they put him to the test. Over the past 4 months, Planting Seeds employed Right Away Couriers as their official courier service prior to confirming this arrangement, in order to test his company to see if his customer service was above par. 
They weren’t to be disappointed. As Amanda Medina, Event Coordinator for Planting Seeds, recalls, “McPhee was impeccable, and during our busiest time when we had to rush orders for tickets for our Daymond John event, McPhee was able to adapt quickly as we had to deliver 700 tickets to locations around the country in a matter of three weeks. Trinis like to buy at the last minute, so having McPhee around was a major asset to me and his standard pricing was more competitive than any other similar services out there”. 
- Amanda Medina (Event Coordinator – Planting Seeds Caribbean) 
Work has started on Right Away Couriers’ new website and McPhee is hoping the site will be live by the summer. Planting Seeds and Right Away Couriers look forward to developing their productive relationship and seeing how their partnership can flourish.] 

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