BPTT Junior Masters of Industry
2nd April 2017

Over the next six months, Planting Seeds Caribbean, in collaboration with BPTT, will be embarking on a journey to educate and inspire the young people of Trinidad and Tobago, giving them the tools needed to foster innovation, growth and productivity through our BPTT Junior Masters of Industry School Tour and Business Plan Competition. 
More and more countries around the world have introduced, or are working towards introducing, policy measures to support the growth of an “enterprise culture”. In particular, efforts have been made to introduce entrepreneurship into the education system as a means of developing entrepreneurial skills, behaviours and mindsets. This is partly due to an increasing recognition of the important role education can play in developing entrepreneurial mindsets and societies. Similarly, a greater focus is now being placed on fostering an entrepreneurial and creative workforce both in private and public sectors in order to promote economic prosperity for the long term. 

A wide range of factors has contributed to this growing interest in entrepreneurship education and training. For example, economic recession, high unemployment and fluctuations in international trade are just a few reasons why policymakers and political decision-makers are paying more attention to the potential role of the private sector and entrepreneurs in job creation.
Bearing in mind this thrust to develop an “enterprise culture” in both educational and professional settings, the BPTT Junior Masters of Industry Competition was launched on 8th November 2016, with 300 secondary-school students receiving tickets, courtesy BPTT, to the Planting Seeds Masters of Industry Event featuring keynote speaker Daymond John, co-star of ABC’s hit TV series, Shark Tank. The event was well received by the students, who were all inspired by Mr. John’s presentation on entrepreneurship. 
The Planting Seeds team will continue the Junior Masters of Industry programme with an official presentation to 30 schools nationwide, provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. Planting Seeds will also be visiting 30 secondary schools across the nation. 
All secondary schools nationwide are invited to participate in the Junior Masters of Industry Business Plan Competition by sending a request to There is no limit to the number of students who may apply from each school. Importantly, the deadline for submission is 15th April 2007. Only students in Forms 4, 5 and 6 are eligible to enter. 
The Planting Seeds Team will provide students with an official business plan overview and guideline Entrants will be judged on their ability to identify gaps in the market and build a business plan/idea according to those gaps, as well as their ability to justify revenue and cost projections. A panel on the Planting Seeds TV series will then judge the final five finalists, based on their presentation and their ability to successfully pitch their business plan to a “potential investor”. 
The top five business plans will be chosen by Ernst & Young Limited, and the overall winner will receive a cash prize of TT$10,000.00. The winner’s school will also house the official BPTT Junior Masters of Industry Trophy for a period of one year. 
For more information on the Planting Seeds programme and the BPTT Junior Masters of Industry School Tour and Business Plan Competition, please visit 

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Produced in Trinidad and Tobago, Planting Seeds also has a television series that gives entrepreneurs who register with us, the opportunity to pitch their idea to a panel of successful investors on regional television.

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