Free 30 Minute Consultation for Entrepreneurs


The COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting small businesses in a variety of ways. From loss of business to working remotely and even adjusting distribution channels, things are changing FAST and businesses are being forced to adapt. 

Entrepreneurs multi-task to get the job done but if you are focused on the day-to-day operations of your business this can become a liability. It will be a challenge to quickly recognise  when your business is not doing well and implement the necessary steps to insure your venture is profitable. Meeting with a Business Consultant will give you a fresh, unbiased perspective and provide solutions to the problems  you are currently facing.


My name is Stephanie N. Khan,I am offering all Entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago a FREE 30 Minute Video Call to brainstorm solutions to problems your business is trying to successfully leap over during this Pandemic.


I have helped many small businesses during this period and I would like to help YOU!

Seller Name: Khan Konnect You Ltd.