Hydrating Hair and Body Mist


Body mists help to hydrate the skin and hair and should be applied directly. Most people who use body mists usually apply after showering. With light and pleasing aromas, they are a great way to freshen up or to just relax and enjoy the beautiful fragrances. Our mists come in a wide variety of fragrances and are easy to use. Apply as needed.

Available Fragrances:
Daisy (13)
Kimono Flower (8)
Pink Hibiscus (11)
Honeysuckle (8)
Orchid Rain (5)
Fresh Cut Roses (6)
Cool Citrus Basil (8)
Autumn Rain (7)
Pink Berry Mimosa (8)
Strawberry Buttercream (7)
Cucumber Melon (9)
Little Black Dress (6)
Rise n Shine (7)
Clementine Lavender (10)
Caribbean Day Spa (11)
Green Tea & Cucumber (6)
Lavender Vanilla (5)
Wild Berry Tulips (7)
Rainbows & Unicorns (7)
Dreamcatcher (3)
Black Raspberry Vanilla (3)
Downey Rose & Violet (5)
A/C in a Bottle (1)

Seller Name: Pure Decadence