Steam Jacket Kettle 50-600L Tipping


The Steam Jacketed Kettle is Ideal for large Catering Centres, Canteens, Restaurants, Hospitals, and Commercial Food manufacturers. The steam jacketed kettle or evaporating pan is an evaporator that can be used for the bulk evaporation of water from aqueous liquids. It is constructed in the form of a hemispherical shaped shell usually made of stainless steel that is comprised of an inner pan or ‘kettle’ and an outer pan or ‘jacket’. Steam flows through the space between the outer and inner pans at a slightly elevated pressure. The hot steam causes heat to pass through the inner pan, by conduction, to the solution that is to be evaporated. As the temperature of the solution rises, so solvent molecules are evaporated. The pan can be permanent mounted and the product is emptied through an outlet at the bottom of the pan, or the pan can be mounted in such a way that it can be tilted so that the product can be poured out.

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