Organic Hydrating Face / Body Butter

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This butter helps to soften and heals skin while repairing. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. It also provides antioxidants, moisturizes, minimizes the signs of aging, boosts nutrients and helps to protect skin.

IIngredients: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E Oil.

Safe for children. No preservatives added.

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heat, moisture and sunlight.

No preservatives added.

  • tano_harewood


    I recently purchased this product because I was tired of the other commercial brands that leave your skin dry after a few hours. With this product my skin was shiny and not dry. I highly recommend as a man with dry skin.

  • deanbest17


    Works wonders. Even men like to keep moisturized.

  • Rhys.Hinkson


    Tried their body butter after it was recommended to me and must say, it’s great! The item was delivered directly to me and responses to my questions were always quick and friendly. Would highly recommend.

  • Shivana.Singh


    From the first time I tried the Hydrating butter, I saw a difference. I have dry skin and I have been trying countless products to bring it back but Butter Boutique's body butter was the jackpot. 100% worth trying.

  • Nandi.Harewood


    From the first time I tried the whipped body butter I was hooked! I have purchased again since then and the quality is consistent. I am officially obsessed with it! I am a huge fan of natural products and I love that it’s locally made. I use it for myself and my toddler’s body and hair every evening! What a fantastic product ? ??

  • vanessa ashton


    I am pleased with my product. I ordered the Hydrating Body Butter for my dry skin due to all the hand washing for COVID, it keeps my hands moist and nourished. Their Facebook and Instagram page is so beautiful as well!