NICO NEEM – Organic Neem Pesticide

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Nico Neem

Botanical Pesticide (300ppm)

Chemical Composition:

NICO NEEM is an oil-based, emulsifiable concentrate formulation consisting of neem oil obtained from Azadirachta indica seeds, and Karanj oil obtained from Pongamia glabra seeds and surfactant / emulsifier. The insecticidal action is due to the presence of several neem limonoids of which Azadirachtin is the most important. Azadirachtin concentration is maintained at a level of 300ppm in the formulation.

Mode of Action:

A very wide spectrum of phytophagous insect-pests is affected by this Neem formulation. It controls the pest population through a triple action activity - acting as a feeding deterrent, oviposition inhibitor and insect growth regulator. The neem based bio-chemicals act as contact and in a systemic manner. Bio-chemicals from Karanj oil, pongamol and karanjin, generally act synergistically.

Salient Features:

NICO NEEM is non-toxic to beneficial and non-target organisms.

It is generally compatible with chemical pesticides (unless highly acidic or highly alkaline) so as to provide

complementary activity in integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

It leaves no residue in the soil, crop or the environment and is highly bio degradable.

An excellent alternative to hazardous chemical fungicides.

It is extracted using the Cold Press Extraction process and therefore, retains nutrients and active ingredients.

Effective pesticide, nematicide, insecticide, as well as miticide. Excellent for crops as well as for veterinary use.

It is truly an environment friendly product.


Neem is effective against more than 200 species of insect-pests, some of whom are resistant to chemical pesticides or are otherwise difficult to control.

It acts as a feeding deterrent, oviposition inhibitor and insect growth regulator and therefore, though it may not kill instantaneously, the eventual results are very effective.

NICO NEEM is effective against sucking insects such as Aphids, Leaf Hoppers, Mealy Bugs, Mites, the White Fly

and Thrips as well as chewing insects such as Stem Borer, Fruit Borer, Capsule Borer, Caterpillars, etc.

NICO NEEM increases the population of beneficial insects (Bio Agents): Experiments were conducted at the Gujarat Agricultural University, Anand – India.

Simple One such experiment was conducted at the Bio-Control Project of Gujarat Agricultural University, Anand, India during 1994 to study the effect of Nico Neem in conserving beneficial insects (Bio Agents).

There are rich communities of beneficial insects, spiders and diseases that attack insect-pests. The beneficial species often control insect-pests, especially in places where the use of broad spectrum pesticides is to be avoided. Without these beneficial species, the insect-pests would multiply so quickly that they would completely ravage the crop.

Pests have high reproductive capacities to offset the naturally high mortality rate they face in nature. For example, a brown plant hopper female produces many offspring, but because of the action of predators, parasites and diseases, only about 1 or 2 survive after one generation. It is not unusual for the mortality rate to reach 98-99%.

Natural enemies also have their own enemies. Parasites and predators, each has predators, parasites and pathogens. Most predators are cannibalistic – a

behavior which ensures that in the absence of prey, some will survive.

The natural balance between insect-pests and their natural enemies is often disrupted by indiscriminate use of chemical insecticides. Although insecticides are needed in some cases, they must be used judiciously to save these vulnerable natural control agents.

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