NEEM-F – Organic Neem Fungicide

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Product Description

NEEM-F is an oil based formulation for control and prevention of fungal diseases such as sheath blight, anthracnose, black spot, powdery mildew and rust. Neem-F prevents fungal spores from penetrating plant tissue and slows the advance of fungal diseases.

UWI Tested.

It has both antisporulent and a fungistatic action.

The mycelial growth is arrested and sclerotial germination of causal organism is prevented. This results in reduced fungal growth and development, thus making the product effective for curative action.

Active Ingredients

Azadirachtin, Salannin and Nimbin.

Special Features

• Does not leave any residue in the soil, crop or the environment (highly bio-degradable).

• Reduces chances of cross-resistance by pathogens thus rendering it suitable for IPM programmes.

• Has a waiting period of 0 days for crop harvest after its spraying.

• Is an economical product for disease management.

• Can be used both as a preventive and a curative fungicide.

• Is safe for crops, the soil and the environment.

• Is a truly environment friendly product.


300 ppm


Mix 5ml/1 litre of water.

Application Guidelines:

The emulsifiable concentrate can easily be diluted with water to make a colloidal suspension which should be sprayed on the crop.

Being oil based it is recommended that NEEM- F be diluted with water in a separate container before filling into a spray pump.

In order to avoid clogging of spray pumps, do not leave any left over mixture in it. Mix a fresh batch for each application.

In case of rain after spraying of NEEM-F, re-apply the dose.

As NEEM-F is photodegradable it is advisable to spray the mixture during evening hours.

For 100% organic NEEM-F the natural emulsifier is sold separately and can be mixed with water along with NEEM-F.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life:

2 years

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