The Secret of Regeneration Book 2

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Sex Symbolism is one of the oldest of human cultural heritage. Back in the night of time, as far back into the primordial past as we are able to trace, we find evidence of human worship of the Formative Forces of Nature. Various figures and symbols were used to represent and express the marvelous generative power of Nature, or that mysterious law by which living things are enabled to produce their kind. . . In general, the Ancient Mysteries regarded the Human Body as a Garden, in a more restricted sense, the Garden was symbolical of the Woman. The fructifying function of the female caused her to be symbolized as a bridge between God and Man. She stole Life from above, nursed it in her body, and brought it forth upon the Earth. She received the Seed in the midst of her Body, and produced a new being a living creature. This amazing function of Generation, a mystery to the Ancients, and a mystery to modern science, is unappreciated by civilized people today, because it is so common. . . For thousands of years, research workers have been digging into the ruins of prior civilizations. The Ancients were more active than we, in searching back into the past for records of what had gone before. Their ruined palaces and libraries that we have unearthed, are filled with vast collections containing the history of the world, covering long ages before their day. . . Professor Hilton Hotema

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