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Soft - Eau De Perfume by Al Rehab ( like PINK SUGAR) is a flattering perfume of pleasant sweetness that never gets heavy. Light freshness and vitality by the scent of citrus framed by hints of vetiver and vanilla. 

A very feminine and warm fragrance. Smells ???like a beautiful soft lemon cake with ice cream on top. ?

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: Vetiver

Middle Notes: Vanilla

Base Notes: Musk

A prestigious brand in the Arab world "AL-REHAB". Choco Musk by Al-Rehab is as the name it says - milk chocolate with a great vanilla base and white musk on top fragrance and the best "chocolate attar" ever, and one of Al Rehab bestsellers.

Smells like ??, and amazing laying fragrance as well. 


Top Notes: Warm Spicy, Amber 

Middle Notes: Sweet, Powdery, Vanilla


Base Notes: Chocolate, Musky, 

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