Nerta Active Diamond Foam

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Nerta ACtive Diamond Foam (1 Litre) Touchless Car Truck Wash Shampoo is a concentrated, strong alkaline exterior cleaner. Its creamy foam is characterized by its extraordinary cleaning and clinging capacity. NERTA ACTIVE DIAMOND FOAM effortlessly removes the heaviest soils.


Mixing Ratio’s – 5:1 as a general rule or in a 1-liter foaming bottle 200ml Diamond and 800 ml water

This can, however, be adjusted depending on the amount of contamination, for example on badly soiled stock crates the ratio can be increased from 50% Diamond to 50% water.

Cleaning – foam from the bottom to the top. Allow dwelling for around 1 minute.

Using preferably a 40 degree nozzle start cleaning from the bottom to the top covering all areas (always clean into fresh soap using the high-pressure water as a water broom.

Rinsing – rinse any excess soap from the top to the bottom.

This product is safe on all paints and chrome but care should be taken when using it on mirror polished, untreated aluminum or stainless steel as the product could leave a white veil or stain both the aluminum and/or stainless steel.

Also, avoid letting the product dry on the vehicle, should this happen please re-foam to reactivate the soap and wash off as per the above instructions.

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION The surfactants in this product meet the criteria for biodegradability as established in Regulation (EG) n° 648/2004 concerning detergents. 

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