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This pack contains 7 MINI shower steamers. They are packaged in resealable, airtight brown Kraft bags to ensure all essential oils are locked in to remain fresh and keep moisture out.

WHAT IS A SHOWER STEAMER? Shower steamers are sensory,

aromatic, inhalation products that you use in the shower. They dissolve in

water and release a soothing blend of essential oils in the

process. Just hop in the shower, let the warm water run and revel in the warm

wafts of steam and essential oils. Shower aromatherapy at its best!

INSTRUCTIONS: Turn on warm shower. Place the shower steamer on

the floor where water splashes but not drenches it. Take a few deep breaths as

the steamer melts and releases it essential oils. Enjoy your steam therapy and

let every shower feel like a spa right at home!

Our Shower Steamers are:

✓Paraben free

✓Sulphate free

✓Cruelty free



✓Handmade in small batches

✓Handcrafted in Trinidad & Tobago

✓100% Quality guaranteed

Thank you for shopping and supporting our small business. We are excited to

send you or someone you love something special soon!

- LiveCheerMeditate

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