INDULGE - Smooth & Firm Seamoss Jelly

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INDULGE in Looking Your Best!

Indulge... and let your confidence shine thru. Frequent use of this all natural jelly infused with marine mineral rich seamoss may help heal, restore elasticity and diminish discolouration, while promoting the appearance of firm, smooth skin.

Key Ingredients: Fresh Aloe vera gel, Green coffee oil, Sea-moss, Calendula oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Essential oils: Orange, Grapefruit and Geranium, Cocoa

Skin Types: Dry – Normal. Best for Mature Untextured / Discoloured skin.

Add Zoé Eden’s INDULGE as part of your Anti-aging / Anti-cellulite / Skin discolouration routines.

  1. Benefits of Frequent Use
  2. naturally soothe dry sensitive skin & improve the texture of your skin
  3. reduce the appearance of cellulite & add a glow to your skin
  4. even skin tone & gradually fade dark marks
  5. reduce inflammation
  6. improve blood circulation
  7. youthful, radiant skin
  8. remove dead skin cells
  9. reduces puffiness

This line is contains freshly crushed green coffee used for centuries to promote smooth, healthy, glowing. It also contains pure cocoa, which is rich in anti-oxidants that helps to reduce pre/post pregnancy signs of melasma, such as dark spots and patches.

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Trintario Cocoa & Coconut 

Indulge... encapsulate yourself in thick fluffy bubbles, this wash contains pure cocoa and creamy coconut oil, which leaves your skin soft and deliciously scented.

Skin Types: Dry – Normal. Best for Rough / Deflated skin.

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Skin Types: Dry – Normal. Best for Mature Untextured / Discoloured skin.

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Indulge... in hydrated, silky-smooth skin. This thick and decadent butter quickly absorbs leaving you smelling chocolatey with lingering whiffs of creamy coconut.

Key Ingredients: Cold press Coconut and Jojoba oils, Pure Chocolate grade Cocoa-butter

Skin Types: All. Best for Normal to Very Dry types.

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For Anti-Aging & Cellulite Routines

Frequent use of this oil, enhances your anti-cellulite routines as it contains cocoa, coconut oil and jojoba, that keeps skin silky smooth.

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Indulge... sparkle and revitalize you! Frequent use of this oil, may aid in improving uneven skin texture and tone.

Key Ingredients: Green coffee oil, Grapeseed oil, Calendula oil, Cocoa, Essential oils: Orange, Grapefruit and Geranium

Skin Types: All

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