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EcoVia CA is a highly effective botanical insecticide that delivers a quick knockdown and leaves a residual against a brad spectrum of crawling and flying insects. It comes with a narrow nozzle to reach small cracks and crevices by injecting the tip of the nozzle into the smallest places.

Features & Benefits:

Provides Both Rapid Knockdown and Residual Protection - Against a broad spectrum of crawling and flying insects.

Can Be Used For Crack, Crevice, Void and Space Treatments - For both indoor and outdoor use.

Compatible with Professional Aerosol Injector Delivery Systems.

Pleasantly Scented, Natural-based Formula.

Includes a Crack and Crevice Injector Straw - For ease of use in crack and crevice treatments.

Green Zone™ Product - Naturally derived active ingredient. Suitable for green service programs.

Target Pests: Ants, beetles, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, pill bugs, silverfish, spiders, springtails, ticks, flies, gnats,

                        mosquitoes, moths, and other crawling and flying insects


For Crack, Crevice, and Void Treatments: Use the actuator with injector straw provided.

For Spot and Space Treatments: Use actuator without the injector straw.

To kill crawling insects (both inside and outside): Spray product to contact as many insects as possible. Inject into cracks, crevices and void spaces where insects may be harboring. Release approximately one second of product per crack or crevice application and 2-3 sec/cu ft of closed void space treated. Apply more liberally for heavy infestations. Applications can be made, but are not limited to, behind baseboards, cabinets, walls, ceilings, door and window frames and around water pipes and appliances. Repeat as necessary. For bed bugs, treat cracks, crevices, surfaces and voids where bed bugs may be harboring. Use caution if treating mattresses as scent may take time to dissipate. To help stop ants and other pests from coming inside, spray possible entry points such as cracks around window and door frames, and around pipes and wires that come into the building, and around light fixtures. For indoor space treatments, apply at a rate of 3 to 5 sec/1000 cu ft, contacting as many pests as possible. Repeat as necessary.

To kill flying insects: Spray toward target pests contacting as many as possible. Rest areas and breeding sites may also be treated. To kill fungus gnats, apply to plant soil, avoiding foliage. Repeat as necessary.

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