Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Pia 12 inch Baby Doll with Removable Pajamas

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Cry Babies Tutti Frutti 12" Pia Doll is a cute pineapple in charge of the factory and all the work that makes it go around. Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Pia lives in Tutti Frutti Bay and wears pineapple pajamas which are scented so she smells like a real pineapple too. You can make Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Pia cry real tears when you remove her pacifier. To stop her from crying, give her pacifier back to her or lay her down to calm her. Tutti Frutti Pia comes with an attached pacifier and changeable fruit themed pajamas. Your children will love to cuddle and care for their new baby just like mommy. From busy days to long rides, your young one will stay entertained with their new best friend. She is perfect for imaginative play.

Just add water and Pia will magically cry real tears!Cry Babies Tutti Frutti 12" Pia doll wears removable pineapple pajamas.Cry Babies Pia is scented and smells like pineapples.Just add water and Cry Babies Pia will magically cry real tears.Help sooth your doll by putting the pacifier in her mouth or gently lay her down.Includes 1 x doll, 1 x outfit, 1 x pacifier, 1 x instruction manual.

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