Corporate Christmas Hampers

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Custom made gift packages for employees, employers, friends and family.

Choose for a wide selection of products in the following categories:

Foot Care

Hair Care

Face Care

Items can be custom made to suit a particular need.

All items package as a hamper.

Foot care package includes:

Therapeutic Foot soak 16oz

Whipped Coffee Sugar Scrub 10oz

Foot Soap 4 oz



Foot scrubber / stone

Foot balm 2oz

Foot Lotion 8oz

Foot care 2 package includes:

Therapeutic Foot soak 8oz

Whipped Coffee Sugar Scrub 5oz

Foot Soap 3oz

Spa Slipper

Foot scrubber / stone

Foot balm

Foot Butter 4oz

Hair Care $5oo

Fenugreek & Flaxseed Hair Cream 15oz

Strengthen & Restore Hair Tonic 40oz

Hot oil treatment 4oz

Leave in Hair Conditioner 16oz

Leave in Spray Moisturizer 10oz


Hair Mask

Steam cap

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