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Dry brushing is an effective physical exfoliator, it manually removes dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin hence improving the appearance.  It also encourage circulation. Lymphatic drainage and circulation is the most often cited benefit of this ritual.

How to Dry Brush Effectively:

You'll need to be completely nude. It’s best to do before a shower, as you’ll be lifting up dead skin cells that you'll likely want to wash off right after.  

The strokes should be medium pressure—you want to feel something happening without irritating the skin. Long strokes are the best since you are trying to push up lymph fluid, and that requires a delicate and rhythmic touch. You'll also want to do each pass more than once and overlap sections while brushing.  

Legs - You always want to follow the circulatory system. You will take the legs in sections. Start with the top of the feet, then target the lower leg, the knee, and the thigh.
    As for your stomach, some recommend making circular motions  

Upper Body - Much like you start with the feet, start with the hands and go across toward the heart  

The Neck - Start at the jawline and move down toward your chest. Finish by going over your heart in a circular motion to end your routine. 

Shower - since your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, be mindful of how you are washing it—skip the scrubs and abrasive loofahs 

Always moisturize with damp skin after your shower with one of our products :-)  

STICK TO IT - You're not going to see any difference unless you are diligent—as with any routine.

Just be mindful that it's not a system that will solve all of your problems.

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    Yes I finally found someone selling this!! And the site has instructions too.

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    Great brush, I use it for my beard.