BR 0.1% Brassinolide Plant Growth Hormone

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BR 0.1% Brassinolide Plant Growth Hormone

Increases Crop Yield between 15% to 45%

BR has a double effect in regulation:

Promoting reproductive growth and vegetative growth. It can promote root’s growth in seedling stage, plant’s growth in growth stage, bearing in bearing stage.

BR can be used on all type of vegetable crops, fruit trees, tuber crops, and ornamentals.

Application: Mix 2 grams / 20 litres of water along with fertilizer and spray on leaves at seedling stage, flowering stage and fruiting stage.

NB. BR must be mixed with an NPK Fertilizer for best results.

Aspects of BR

Promoting growth, increasing yield, improving quality.

Increasing percentage of fruit setting and promoting fruit enlarging.

Improving the ability of waterlog resistance and drought resistance.

Regulating differentiation in tissue culture.

Reducing harmful effect of pesticide efficiently.

Increasing activity of seed and germination percentage.

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