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Archipelago Bat Guano

(Natural Organic Phosphate Fertilizer)


Archipelago Bat Guano Phosphate Fertilizer is 100% natural and organic. The guano is ground to a fine grain size for even

application but is otherwise untreated. The natural organic fertilizer can be directly blended with compost or soil to promote

vigorous roots, abundant blooms and increasing fruit. The fertilizer can also be prepared as liquid for foliar applications.

Application Rate (Gardens, Farms, Vineyards): Application rates vary for different plants and soil conditions, but 4 pounds of

guano per 100 square feet per year is recommended as a default rate.

Application Rate (Container Plants): 1-2 tbsp of guano is recommended for each 4 gallons of soil. Apply every 6 weeks.

Product Description

ABG's Natural Organic Phosphate Fertilizer is the best phosphate and micronutrient fertilizer available, and it is the one that

you want to use. ABG's Natural Organic Phosphate Fertilizer is very effective in promoting exceptional fruit and flower

development, and because the guano is fossilized, it has no foul odor. Independent laboratory tests also show that it does not

contain potentially harmful bacteria that are commonly associated with raw manures. Finally, ABG's Natural Organic Phosphate

Fertilizer is 100% natural and organic, and it is OMRI® listed for use in the production of organic food and fiber.

Phosphorous Deficiency

Phosphorous is essential for plant growth. Among other things, phosphorous enhances seed

germination and early growth, stimulates blooming, enhances bud set, aids in seed formation,

hastens maturity. Phosphate deficient plants commonly exhibit retarded growth and deep green

or red coloration. Phosphate deficiency will negatively affect fruit and flower production.


ABG phosphate should be applied to established fruiting or flowering plants when they are ready to begin production, and as

needed throughout the production period to obtain the plant’s full potential. ABG phosphate should also be applied to the soil

around the root ball when any plants are transplanted. This allows the plant to realize its full root growth potential. When

transplanting potted flowers, you will get a double benefit by applying ABG phosphate around the root ball – root growth and

continued flowering after transplantation.

When applying ABG Phosphate directly to the root system, spread the guano under the drip-line of a tree or near the base of

a smaller plant, scratch it into the ground, and water it in. When transplanting, place the guano in the hole that the plant is

being placed. This will aid in root growth.

Plants do not need all nutrients in the same quantities at all times. For example, plants need nitrogen early in the growing

season to establish plant size and leaf growth and to help bring the plant to maturity. But when the plant is ready to fruit or

flower, nitrogen fertilization may inhibit the plant’s full reproductive potential. It is at this time you discontinue nitrogen

application in favor of phosphate fertilization while the plant is fruiting and flowering. To do this, you need a nitrogen-poor

fertilizer such as ABG Phosphate.

100% Organic

ABG phosphate truly is 100% natural, organic and allowed for use in organic farming. ABG phosphate is listed by the

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI®) for use in production of organic food and fiber. ABG phosphate is fossilized bat

guano that has been buried in collapsed caves for thousands of years and hence has no odor. Fossilization resulted in

depletion of the nitrogen and potentially harmful bacteria that are typically associated with fresh guano. Because of these

unique characteristics, ABG phosphate is technically not considered to be guano or manure for regulatory purposes. Instead,

OMRI® lists ABG phosphate as a “mined material, unprocessed” and its status is “allowed.” Generally, fruits and vegetables

fertilized by materials that have an “allowed” status, such as ABG phosphate, can be harvested any time after fertilization

without fear of bacterial contamination. Conversely, fresh guano and manure, because of its potentially harmful bacteria

content, generally requires a 90 or 120 day waiting period between fertilization and harvesting of fruits or vegetables.

100% Vegetarian

Organic vegetarians comprise a specialty group that should be especially interested in ABG Phosphate. Superphosphate is not

approved for use in organic growing, and raw rock phosphate reportedly does not work very well. Bone meal is obviously not

vegetarian-friendly. ABG Phosphate and fresh manure is about all that is left. Fresh manure is likely to contain a lot of nitrogen

that you do not want to apply at times when your plants need phosphate for fruiting and flowering.

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