Decoded Design
10th April 2017

This exciting series will feature 12 episodes, with each episode taking the viewer through remarkable projects happening in each of these fields from start to finish. The series will follow well-respected leaders in these four areas of property development as they and their talented teams work across T&T, sharing their expertise, challenges and successes throughout the program. 

By presenting this comprehensive view, Decoded will give viewers a unique vantage point to explore how incredible properties are developed from the ground up, through every stage of the design and building process. 

In the first instance, Decoded Architecture will focus on the planning and designing of form, space, and ambience to reflect functional, technical, and aesthetic considerations within social and historical contexts. Maureen Legge, renowned local architect, will showcase the creative manipulation and coordination of materials, technology, and the environment. She will also display

The pragmatic aspects of architecture, including scheduling, cost-estimation and construction administration, along with sentimental projects, including the loving restoration of a historically significant building.

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Following on from property design, Decoded Construction will explore the typically unpredictable journey of constructing a building or infrastructure, charting the process on location to capture the team’s daily triumphs and catastrophes. In addition, these episodes will also highlight the planning, design, and financing phases of the building procedure. Decoded Construction will rotate across multiple construction projects during the season to capture every stage of the build, from breaking ground to the final project execution. 

Are you working on an ambitious and exciting build? Decoded is currently seeking a construction partner to join the program. Email us at 868-767-5268 to join our dynamic team of series experts and feature your upcoming construction projects.

Decoded Architecture and Construction will both capture the broad-scale development of a property. Complementing this, Decoded Design will focus on the finer details that breathe life into a property. This segment of Decoded will examine the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space or building to achieve a healthier, ergonomic, and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user. The inimitable Brian Mac Farlane and his team will showcase their years of experience as they plan, research, coordinate, and manage exceptionally creative projects, and up-and-coming interior designer Emily Mouttet will also be featured, showing the innovative thinking of young, local talent and the challenges they face. Viewers will get insight into the techniques and materials these experts use to manipulate spatial volume and create effective surface treatments to transform an environment and make the most of internal and outdoor spaces.

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Rounding up the property journey, Decoded Real Estate will explore the Caribbean’s real estate market. This segment will highlight an array of realty, including prime property, the latest hot spots for young professionals looking to purchase their first home, and up-and-coming neighborhoods for middle-income families. Massy Real Estate’s team will demonstrate how to find the right property in the best location while staying within budget, even if this means difficult compromises along the way. Their eclectic team will focus on their individual areas of expertise, showing a wide-range of properties using their unique marketing styles. 

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Produced in Trinidad and Tobago, Planting Seeds also has a television series that gives entrepreneurs who register with us, the opportunity to pitch their idea to a panel of successful investors on regional television.

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