Life is on with Bmobile
6th April 2017

The new bmobile “Life is on” campaign celebrates how important digital and telecommunication technologies have become in our lives, and captures how committed bmobile is to providing the resources and solutions to allow their customers to live life to the fullest.

When TSTT first introduced mobile services to Trinidad and Tobago in 2004, under the name mpower, few of us could envisage how essential technology would become to modern living. In establishing a regional presence for corporate and retail mobile services across the Caribbean, mpower soon rebranded to bmobile. Blink was then formed as a separate entity which provided broadband, TV, security, and existing fixed-line home services. As smart phones entered the market and use of the internet became seamless, both at home and on the go, the Blink and bmobile brands were converged to form integrated fixed and mobile offerings. 

However, it became evident that the blink/bmobile brand was not truly connecting to the customers and that  it was time to step back and examine the brand impact. Cue a thorough rebranding exercise, involving workshops and interviews with all major stakeholders, including employees, partners, and over 900 consumers over a four month period. This independent research resulted in the decision to maintain the stronger bmobile brand, but with a new logo and tagline to capture the refreshed brand promise and direction. The “Life is on” concept was created to capture the public’s feedback — that they want to do more, share their moments, and connect to everything and everyone they love. As Camille Campbell, Vice President of TSTT explained, “To be mobile is a lifestyle, it means to be connected to everything that matters and bmobile is here to provide you with all the connectivity products and solutions that you need to live your life , because life is on!”.

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To do this, bmobile is forging the way ahead with unprecedented levels of investment in cutting edge communications technology. Bmobile is the first and only provider of 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution) in Trinidad and Tobago, ahead of the standards set by even some of the world’s most advanced economies. 4G LTE currently provides bmobile customers in the main cities of T&T with unparalleled speed and levels of connection to the mobile network for mobile and wireless data usage. bmobile is also set to roll out the latest innovation in fiber optic cabling to provide customers with some of fastest broadband speeds in the country. As stated by the CEO, Dr. Ronald Walcott, “This is one of the many ways that TSTT is moving towards becoming an agile broadband company and away from traditional telecoms”.

In keeping with their forward thinking strategy, bmobile held its first annual technology conference in January 2017. Connect @ bmobile Technology Conference and Exposition was a two day event held at the Hyatt, Port of Spain. This event showcased their enterprise-level services, including hosting, security, and cloud solutions. With over 500 attendees, the successful event saw many Trinbagonian guest speakers returning from abroad to share their international expertise with local businesses in an interactive forum. According to Mr Rakesh Goswami, EVP for Strategic Alliances, Enterprise & Tobago Opertaions, "Connect @bmobile brings Thought Leadership to guide the future of work & life, via disruptive technologies that create massive new opportunities for business innovation, transformation & national prosperity".  By hosting the conference annually, bmobile hopes to show their commitment to putting T&T on the map in the technology industry. 

They have also developed close partnerships with international tech giants such as Google to ensure T&T will benefit from the huge research and development investments being made by some the brightest businesses on the planet. Bmobile’s partnership with eSource Capital also means that Google’s G-suite services are available to small, medium, and large enterprises across the country. By continuing to develop these types of relationships, bmobile hopes to make a significant contribution to the growth of business and industry in Trinidad & Tobago. Likewise, as a strategic partner of Planting Seeds, they also continue to support entrepreneurs and small businesses, while contributing to community initiatives through the bmobile foundation.

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With an established history behind them, bmobile is poised to cement their position as the most advanced provider of communications solutions in T&T as they enter an exciting future. New, unparalleled levels of service combined with their refreshed brand means that for visitors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and families all across the country — life most certainly is on!

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