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29th March 2017

Before appearing on Planting Seeds in front of a Caribbean-wide audience, Roshan Panchoo faced poverty. He wanted to create a better life for his wife and children, starting with building them a better home. However, faced with the daily challenges of making ends meet, he found it difficult to even buy basic building blocks to start construction on his house. He began desperately trying to figure out a way to reduce his building costs, starting with the most basic material: blocks. While brainstorming various ideas, he found himself becoming more and more creative. And then it struck him: why not create an interlocking block? This would remove the cost attached to mortar application, and would be more efficient and cost-effective than regular blocks. Panchoo spent countless hours working on prototypes and finalising the engineering design until at last the ‘Ronblock’ was born: an innovative, user-friendly block designed to withstand greater tremors (earthquakes) and soil displacement, while increasing installation capacity and reducing building costs. 
Thanks to a shrewd entrepreneurial mindset, Panchoo didn’t stop at the design of the Ronblock. Knowing that ‘copycats’ would be a risk, Panchoo applied for and received his patent for the Ronblock and its unique design, safeguarding his invention. This foresight proved invaluable, as the Ronblock has shown itself to be a truly ingenious product. Testing by the University of the West Indies revealed that walls constructed with Ronblocks are 4.79 times stronger than walls constructed with regular blocks. The Ronblock was later tested by the Ministry of Works and Transport’s Design Engineering Branch, Construction Division, and consequently approved for use in construction throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Ronblocks were also tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials, and surpassed its world-class standard. Panchoo’s product even landed him a spot on the Planting Seeds TV show, where he was able to showcase Ronblocks on a regional platform.
Ronblocks’ success is clear proof that Panchoo is a man with a purpose, a man who has taken his vision and turned it into reality. He started by manufactuting Ronblocks to build his house, and made a better life for his family, and Ronblocks are sold to across the country and are being used in the construction of multi-million dollar buildings. He has single handedly improved productivity and cost-efficiency in the construction industry, as one of Roshan’s blocks saves roughly $0.67 per building block.

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At Planting Seeds Caribbean, we are confident that the Ronblock created right here in Trinidad and Tobago will one day become an internationally-acclaimed product used in construction all over the world. As such, we are proud to endorse and support Roshan Panchoo on his journey to gaining the investments needed to grow and expand his business. 
To learn more about Ronblock International Company Limited, contact the Planting Seeds team via email at

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