Behind the investor : Sheldon Stephen
28th March 2017


Trinidad-born Sheldon Stephen is the owner and founder of the Lollabee Group of companies, which boasts an impressive portfolio of businesses.
Sheldon's entrepreneurial journey began in 2003, when he founded Lollabee Cellular, now one of the largest telecom dealers in the country. He then went on to establish Lollabee Entertainment in South Trinidad, the company responsible for planning and executing large-scale events such as 'Glo' and 'Xperience'.
As is the case for many of the companies he would go on to create, entering the entertainment industry allowed Sheldon to identify gaps in the local market; one business venture always presented an opportunity for another. Lollabee Entertainment consequently gave rise to the founding of Experience Effects Limited, presently one of the largest lighting and event companies in Trinidad, with clients that include Fantasy Carnival, Machel Montano, and Carib Brewery.
Along with the companies mentioned above, the Lollabee Group of Companies also expanded to include Lollabee Real Estate, dedicated to gated community development; Infraserve Supplies and Contracting Services Limited, offering personalised project management services to the public and private sectors; Farms R Us, focused on egg and poultry production; My Fit Menu Limited, an exceptionally successful business delivering healthy, delicious food to homes and workplaces at affordable prices; and Experience Distribution, a mass distribution company focusing on fast-moving consumer goods. Lucrative advertising agency Sotal Advertising Limited was also incorporated into the Lollabee Company Group, leading to the creation of sister company Sotal Signs and Printing Limited. Sheldon is also the founder of the Lollabee Charity Foundation, which organises several feeding programmes and supports many charitable causes and foundations.
Under Sheldon's leadership, the Lollabee Group of Companies has grown from one Digicel franchise to over 10 successful companies, providing employment to almost 300 persons locally. He is now undertaking various business initiatives in the U.S., focusing on real estate in Texas and Florida, and the provision of mobile healthcare for the elderly.
Sheldon's business approach centres on the belief that life is not just about ideas - it's about making ideas happen.

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Planting Seeds asked

What was the reason behind saying yes to being on the panel for Planting Seeds? 
As someone who started from nothing, was turned away from the banks, and from every organisation that advertised giving financial assistance to young entrepreneurs, I have a broad understanding of the challenges that entrepreneurs today are faced with. I was lucky enough to have a family member willing to invest in me, when nobody else would- not everyone is so fortunate. Now that I am in a position to help others, I want to do just that. I am looking for those entrepreneurs who have the same drive and determination that I did, someone who wants success so badly they would never give up until they have it. 
Needless to say, I support Planting Seeds and their initiatives and it is a pleasure to be on the panel of investors, mentoring and creating opportunities for those who have otherwise been turned away.

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