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1 : Apply

Fill in the relevant information on our application form located here.

2: Log In and Verify Account

Once logged in you must verify your email address before proceeding to our official acceptance portal.

3: Sign Confidentiality & Submit Business Plan

Once verified, you will be required to sign the official confidentiality form via an electronic signature and upload your business plan. A sample business plan outline will be provided to you on the portal.

4: Understand the value of your Business

Once you have submitted your business plan, Planting Seeds Caribbean may request additional information before the plan is submitted to Ernst & Young for review

After you have submitted any missing data, Ernst & Young will provide feedback (where applicable) on your business plan and its components and subsequently estimate a valuation range (i.e. Basis of Negotiation) utilizing the projections and related assumptions as outlined in your business plan together with various valuation methods and metrics deemed suitable for your particular idea/company type and the stage you are at in the business/innovation life cycle. Please note that the value conclusions and/or recommendations provided by Ernst & Young are intended to be a guide for the candidate and assist them in understanding the value of their idea/business and the factors that should be considered which may affect the valuation range. Our Basis of Negotiation (including the estimated valuation range) has been prepared solely for the purpose stated, and should not be used for any other purpose.

5: Present to the Investors

After you have received the Basis of Negotiation from EY, you will be provided with a date, time and location for your appearance on the show where you will present to our panel of investors.

You will have one (1) hour to work with the Planting Seeds Team who will prep you for your appearance. Please walk with all material that you will need to present and practice your presentation in advance, as you will have one and a half minutes to present your plan to the panel.

6: Presentation Complete: Meet with Planting Seeds & Investor
7: Investor signs confidentiality & Business Plan is Finalized
8: Shareholders Agreement is Signed
9: Execution Timeline is Created
10: Cash Disbursements are made and Plan is Executed

About Planting Seeds

Produced in Trinidad and Tobago, Planting Seeds also has a television series that gives entrepreneurs who register with us, the opportunity to pitch their idea to a panel of successful investors on regional television.


Every episode features several entrepreneurs, each delivering a concise two-minute-long presentation of their business plan to the panel, after which they are given feedback. One or more of the investors.... Read more

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